Concentrate on your core competencies - we ensure efficient workflows

Your goal is success in your business without worrying too much about the infrastructure that simply needs to support you reaching that goal. We can help you in information and content flow, and ensure your processes and workflows are efficient, secure and always up-to-date.

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Only 24% of organisations currently have a company-wide content management solution. And almost 50% of organisations didn’t make use of digital workflows capabilities in 2015. But digital is now a fact, not a choice. The fact is that business-at-the-speed-of-paper will be unacceptable in just a few years time. Clients come to us with a number of pain points and, yes, the slow processing rate for paper documents is an issue that is constantly raised. But it’s not only the time taken for a paper document; a piece of paper can be in one place and one place only. An automated solution takes that one document, routes it automatically to those who need to see it and provides instant access at the touch of a button.

We want to make sure that you are equipped with the skills for the future. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you are able to concentrate fully on your core competencies.

”We would certainly implement any similar project again with Konica Minolta”
Damian Bochenek
Head of IT, Huff Group
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