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Streamlining your internal processes by integrating multiple hardware and software components into your network – this is the job we can do for you. In doing so, we always bear in mind that this also creates new security risks – which, needless to say, we address as well!

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Just one unsafe piece of hardware or interface is an open door for intruders, making your whole infrastructure vulnerable. The safety of your data is our first and foremost priority at Konica Minolta. We take your concerns regarding the security of our hardware and software systems very seriously.

Most of our bizhub systems have an extensive security functionality already integrated as standard. This is how we ensure that you are optimally equipped and maximally protected. After all, why should you pay extra for system features that are indispensable in the digital age to guard your sensitive corporate and customer data!

Highest security standards are the heart of all our hardware and software solutions. Our industry-leading security solutions are designed to give you peace of mind!

Safeguard your communication

In the digital age, we have seen global communications undergo unprecedented growth – and the potential for damaging security breaches has soared in parallel.

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